n°171 | March 2023
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Europa Uomo publishes new tool for decision-making

Booklet based on new EUPROMS results will help patients weigh treatment choices
14 Mar 2023

New quality of life study results show impact of treatment

Europa Uomo announces new findings from EUPROMS research
13 Mar 2023

Clinicians need to address the burden of incontinence and sexual dysfunction

Europa Uomo Chairman says prescribing pads is not enough
12 Mar 2023

Barriers to shared-decision making must come down

Europa Uomo Chairman proposes new measures to ensure treatment options are weighed
10 Mar 2023

Concerns that patient input into research will be affected

Statement from WECAN gains Europa Uomo support
27 Feb 2023
Prostate Research and Treatments

Intake of plant-based food lowers risk of prostate cancer progression and recurrence

At the 2023 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Genitourinary Cancer Symposium, held in San Francisco in February, a study was presented that found men with prostate cancer who reported the highest intakes of plant-based foods had a 52% lower risk of progression and 53% lower risk of recurrence in comparison to those with the lowest intakes.

For the study, 2,038 men diagnosed with T1–3a stage (with no or limited spread of disease) completed a food frequency questionnaire at a median of 31.5 months post-diagnosis.

Read more in Cancerworld.

Prostate Cancer at EAU23

The plenary session on prostate cancer drew the biggest speakers and largest audiences at the European Association of Urology Congress, (EAU23). Read EAU’s coverage here.

Early detection of prostate cancer proved to be a red-hot topic for urologists in Europe. On EAUTV, Peter Albers, Chair of the EAU Scientific Congress Office, led discussion with fellow experts Jenny Donovan and Roderick Van den Bergh.

Europa Uomo’s Past-Chairman, André Deschamps, presented new results from the EUPROMS study. Listen to the webcast here.

Prostatepedia's issue on metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer

Prostatepedia has published an issue devoted to metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer (MHSPC). This issue covers some of the advances that have been made in the treatment of men with MHSPC who have not yet received hormonal therapy.


Europa Uomo News

In memorial Vasil Koprda

Professor Vasil Koprda, one of the most important Slovak scientists, died on 13th March 2023.

He was born in 1940 in Považská Bystrica, and spent his entire creative life in Bratislava. He graduated in nuclear chemistry and then worked at the Slovak Academy of Sciences and as an important scientific-pedagogical worker at the Faculty of Chemistry and Food Science of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava.

He was the founder of Europa Uomo Slovakia – the national Slovak branch of Europa Uomo. From 2006 to 2019, he was the Chairman of this organisation, which successfully worked for the benefit of prostate cancer patients, cooperating with the Cancer League and several partner foreign organisations, especially Gladiator Poland and Prostatakrebs Austria.

We honour his memory.


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