n° 164 | July – August 2022
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Why are some patients reluctant to have active surveillance?

Europa Uomo Board members author new AS paper
10 Aug 2022

Emphasis on urinary symptoms is causing late diagnosis, says new review

Cambridge researchers say public need to know that early prostate cancer is silent
4 Aug 2022

Bike campaign gets moving in Cyprus

Europa Uomo Cyprus spreads the word about early detection
2 Aug 2022

Fatigue is not just “tiredness” for prostate cancer patients

EAU Congress speakers highlight problem experienced by one third of men receiving treatment
11 Jul 2022

EUPROMS 2.0: new evidence of effects of treatment on patients' lives

Europa Uomo announces results of its second quality of life study at EAU Congress
1 Jul 2022
Prostate Research and Treatments

Results of clinical studies in prostate cancer

The Europa Uomo Secretariat has received a new type of article called ‘Plain Language Summaries of Publications’ from the Future Science Group. These articles provide a concise overview of a published, scientific journal articles written in non-technical language. These summaries enable a wide audience, including non-specialist healthcare professionals and patient audiences, such as patient advocates, patients and their caregivers, to be able to access and understand the research being discussed.


They have recently published two summaries of the results of clinical studies in prostate cancer.

  1. the ARASENS trial: Combining darolutamide with two other medicines ADT (androgen deprivation therapy) and docetaxel in patients with mHSPC.
  2. the HERO study: Comparing relugolix with leuprolide for men with advanced prostate cancer.

NASPCC publishes a magazine devoted to testing

The National Alliance of State Prostate Cancer Coalitions (NASPCC) produced a special edition of Prostatepedia on ‘Testing.

This issue is devoted to advances in test used to identify patients with prostate cancer and to better define possible treatment options.

It is an American publication but we are sure it will be of interest for European readers.

Europa Uomo News

EUPROMS 1.0 and 2.0 booklets

For the occasion of the EAU Congress, we have now printed versions of the EUPROMS 1.0 results and the first findings of the EUPROMS 2.0 study (only available in English).

If you want a printed version of these booklets, please send an email to the EUomo secretariat (europauomo@skynet.be).

Europa Uomo's General Assembly 2023 - save the date

Larnaca, Cyprus

May 25-28, 2023


The 2023 General Assembly of Europa Uomo will be held on Saturday 27th May in Larnaca, Cyprus in the Sun Hall Hotel (Athens avenue 6, 6302 Larnaca, Cyprus).



The official language of the General Assembly is English. The meeting includes:

  • The presentation of the Board’s Report for the year
  • The approval of the accounts and budget
  • The election of members to the Board of Europa Uomo. At the GA 2023, there are two positions to be filled as one incumbent has completed his second three-year term and one incumbent has finished his first three-year term. Please start thinking on nominating a candidate for the Board of Europa Uomo.
  • A Masterclass on Friday, May 26th, 2023
Items of Interest

Annual meeting International Continence Society

ICS 2022

52nd Annual Meeting of the International Continence Society

7-10 September 2022

Vienna & Online



The ICS Meetings give centre-stage to cutting-edge continence research, putting a spotlight on the latest clinical practices, and providing a variety of career opportunities for those interested in continence related issues.

The meeting is multidisciplinary and welcomes urologists, gynaecologists, physiotherapists, nurses, midwives, research scientists, and all those dedicated to improving the lives of patients suffering from continence conditions.


Learn more here – www.ics.org/2022

Webinar: “Prostate Cancer Biopsies...The Great Debate”

AnCan’s Virtual Support Group for Patients on Active Surveillance is holding a programme, “Prostate Cancer Biopsies…The Great Debate,” on a hot topic for patients on active surveillance for low-risk and favourable intermediate-risk prostate cancer.

The debate will focus on whether transrectal biopsies or transperineal biopsies are better for patients.

The programme will be on August 29. Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1375984251183869452

European registrants unable to attend the debate will receive a link of the video.

Webinar: "How and when should I do a genetic test?"

On August 27th, 2022, Active Surveillance Patients International is organising a webinar: “How and wen should I do a genetic test?”.

Men, loved ones, and families can gain valuable facts from a cancer genetic test. While the use of genetics testing for cancers is still growing, the existing state of the art for prostate and related cancers is a powerful tool for identifying men and persons at risk. This 60 minute expert presentation will feature expert Geneticist Robert Finch, a certified genetic counsellor and medical oncologist Michael Glode. You will be reacquainted with prostate cancer screening biomarkers such as the PSA test and a variety of genomic tests, receive a thorough explanation of how and when to get a cancer genetics test along with genomics tests, and finally a moment for you the patient or family to ask questions.

Register here.


ZERO's newly diagnosed patient guide

ZERO (USA) has developed a new, free, 36-page Newly Diagnosed Prostate Cancer Guide that includes information on diagnosis, stages, imaging, genetic testing, biomarkers, treatment options, clinical trials, healthcare teams, managing side effects, and much more.

You can access the guide here.

Eat to beat prostate cancer

Last July 30, 2022, Active Surveillance Patients International organised a webinar on ‘Eat to beat prostate cancer’.

Click here for the video.


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