n° 157 | December 23, 2021
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With sincere apologies, but due to problems with the EUomo website we could not send out this Update before Christmas.

Boost to prostate proposals in Europe’s Cancer Plan

Special committee accepts changes on prostate cancer early detection
17 Dec 2021

Challenge of metastatic prostate cancer should be addressed

New report from European Cancer Organisation stresses important role of nurses
16 Dec 2021

Louis Denis: tributes and memories

Europa Uomo News

Extension of the EUPROMS 2.0 survey deadline until January 15, 2022

Dear readers,

Based on the request of our members to have more time to distribute the link of the EUPROMS 2.0 survey, we will extend the survey till January 15, 2022.

I am very pleased that we have already more than 3200 patients that took the effort to answer.
Please let us use the extra time to stimulate more patients to do so.


Kind regards,
André Deschamps
Chairman Europa Uomo

Holiday wishes

Dear Reader,

For the second year in a row, Covid makes our lives difficult and we cannot forecast when this pandemic will stop. So my thoughts are with all patients and their families who are suffering more or longer because health care systems can no longer cope with the demands.

In spite of all the restrictions, and even if the circumstances are not ideal, we are all finding ways to see our loved ones and carry on with our lives.

So let’s be optimistic and use this special time of the year to enjoy what we can.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time and a happy 2022.

André Deschamps


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