n° 168 | December 2022
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Time for politicians to act on prostate cancer

New campaign calls for implementation of screening in national cancer plans
14 Dec 2022

New EU screening recommendations get green light

Prostate cancer included in final guidance
9 Dec 2022

Action needed on treatment-related continence problems

Europa Uomo and other organisations push to raise European Commission awareness
9 Dec 2022

EU cancer screening recommendations under threat

Fears that prostate cancer early detection proposals are being ‘diluted’
24 Nov 2022
Europa Uomo News

Holiday wishes

Dear Reader,

After a long period where COVID unfortunately prohibited us from meeting family members and loved ones, we are now on the way back to normal and optimistic that we can get our old way of life back.

We enjoyed having again meetings and congress appearances in person again, leading to an intensive exchange of ideas.

As this year quickly passed and the New Year is not far away, let me express my best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2023. And may all of you have a magnificent Christmas time.

Günther Carl
Chairman Europa Uomo

New address of the Europa Uomo Secretariat

The secretariat of Europa Uomo has moved out of its old base, the OCA office. From 1st January 2023 the new contact details of the secretariat are:

Address: Brusselstraat 51, 2018 Antwerp – Belgium

E-mail: info@europa-uomo.org

The new telephone number of the office will be communicated in the next Update.

Don't delay - there is only one life

By Paulius Rakštys – President of the Lithuanian Society of Prostate Cancer Patients

“Barzdotas lapkritis” is a campaign for men and their families organised by the Lithuanian Prostate Cancer Society. On 25th November the event “Don’t delay – there is only one life” took place in Klaipėda and Gargždai.

The campaign aims to remind the public that prostate cancer affects more than 2,000 Lithuanian men every year. It emphasises that the disease is dangerous, but that with proper treatment, a patient can live a long time. Prostate cancer must be detected as early as possible and, if detected, treated with modern reliable methods.

The men at the event, along with their loved ones, received detailed and professional medical information about prostate cancer prevention. They took part in a lottery, where they won gift vouchers and prizes for health check-ups by answering questions from specialists.



Medical seminar for electricity authority

Europa Uomo Cyprus has organised a medical seminar on prostate cancer for the employees of National Electricity Authority. The seminar included a presentation by an experienced urologist as well as from Europa Uomo Cyprus representatives. It was much appreciated by the CEO of the company and many participants thanked Europa Uomo for their efforts on awareness and early detection.


Prevention campaign for Cyta's employees

A medical lecture on “Prostate Cancer: from prevention to treatment”, organised by Europa Uomo Cyprus, was held with great success at the head offices of telecommunications company CYTA in Nicosia, Cyprus and attended by the organisation’s staff.

The speaker at the lecture was Dr. Efstratios Karagiannis from the Radiotherapy Department of the German Oncology Center.

Europa Uomo Cyprus warmly thanks the CYTA management for their hospitality. Prostate cancer affects us all. Prevention and early diagnosis give life.


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