n° 167 | November 2022
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Raising awareness at barber shops, beaches and on boats

Europa Uomo member organisations continue Movember activities
22 Nov 2022

Early detection needs to be a priority, says cancer commission

More research needed into why people do not take up screening opportunities
18 Nov 2022

All to raise funds and awareness...

Europa Uomo member organisations embark on Movember activities
10 Nov 2022

Reducing screening results in more advanced cancer cases

New study of US military veterans indicates effects of PSA testing policy
26 Oct 2022
Prostate research and treatments

Highlights on prostate cancer from ESMO 2022

Regarding the ESMO highlights on prostate cancer, there are three videos available on prostate cancer presented and discussed for patients by experts (in this case our own Vice Chairman Erik Briers) in a way that is easy to understand:

  1.  Personal congress highlights prostate cancer
  2.  New results for treatment of prostate cancer part 1
  3.  New results for treatment of prostate cancer part 2



Prostate Health Playbook

The Urology Care Foundation has put together a Prostate Health Playbook to help people learn about prostate health, relating key concepts to the sport of football.

This football-themed prostate health resource covers prostatitis, BPH, prostate cancer screening, treatment and life after prostate cancer.

Europa Uomo News

A new email address for the Europa Uomo Secretariat

As of now the Secretariat of Europa Uomo has a new email address: info@europa-uomo.org (replacing europauomo@skynet.be).
Please send all your emails to the new address. The Skynet address will be disconnected from 1st January 2023.

Europa Uomo News

EUPROMS 2.0 follow-up survey after one year

Those who filled in our EUPROMS 2.0 survey and indicated that they were interested in a small follow-up survey after one year, will be asked to fill in this follow-up survey in the month of January 2023. Keep an eye on your mailbox!


'Together against cancer - not just to undergo, but to live'

This project, implemented by the Lithuanian Society of Prostate Cancer Patients and the Lithuanian Cancer Patient Coalition, was established to provide psychological counselling services to men who have experienced an emotional crisis due to the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Read the report here.

Items of Interest

Efficiency in cancer care

All.Can has published its Efficiency Metrics study, a piece of policy research which proposes a set of internationally applicable and real-world measures generated and collected from daily clinical practice. The report can be used by relevant stakeholders to assess efficiency in cancer care and aims to harmonise and set standards in cancer care efficiency globally.

More info here.

Do our members comply to the GDPR rules?

Data Saves Lives, a multi-stakeholder initiative with the aim of raising patient and public awareness about the importance of health data, has developed a special toolkit on this subject.

Download the toolkit here.

All Europa Uomo members are confronted with data and must manage these according to, and in compliance with, the GDPR standard. Therefore the Europa Uomo Board has decided that this is an important subject to be included as a topic at our next General Assembly Masterclass in 2023.

ZERO's 2021 annual report

Our American ZERO colleagues have published their 2021 annual report. It provides interesting information on what the organisation has achieved for our fellow American prostate cancer patients.

Read the annual report here.

Safe use of herbal products

The Committee of Experts on Quality and Safety Standards in Pharmaceutical Practices and Pharmaceutical Care  of the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and HealthCare is carrying out a project aimed at improving the safe use of food supplements containing plants or plant-derived preparations. The intention is to provide patients and users with approaches and sources to seek accurate and trustworthy information on these products so that they can make informed decisions about their consumption.

Complete the survey here (Deadline 2nd December 2022).

How is your communication with your treating physician?

PIONEER is conducting a survey to better understand the communication between patients diagnosed with prostate cancer and their treating physician. The survey is available in five languages: EnglishDutchGermanSpanishFrench.

The deadline of the survey is 10th January 2023.



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