Study results to be presented at EAU in July

The EAU congress in Amsterdam, scheduled for 20th-23rd March has been postponed until 17th-21st July 2020, due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. 

Europa Uomo had planned to announce the results of its EUPROMS study at this conference. The results will now be presented at the re-scheduled event in July instead.

André Deschamps, Europa Uomo Chairman, said: “For the first time, prostate cancer patients have been given the opportunity to speak in a ‘game changing session’ in the main conference room. A press release and conference and EAU TV interview had also been scheduled in April.” 

“This would have given prostate cancer patients and our study a lot of attention in the world-wide press and in the medical world.  And, we could all refer to it for future use in the EU parliament or at country level. We do not want to lose that opportunity.”

“Therefore, the Europa Uomo Board has decided to withhold the results of the study until the EAU congress in July so that we still have the same speaking slots and media attention.”

“I thank you for your understanding. It would be a shame to not use the efforts of 3,000 patients to maximum effect.”

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