Prostate patient views needed for EU cancer plan

Europa Uomo member organisations are being urged to provide their views on the priorities for prostate cancer as part of the consultation for the new EU cancer plan. 

The European Commission launched the consultation for Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan earlier this month, “to fight cancer, to support Member States and stakeholders in improving cancer control and care to reduce the suffering caused by this disease.” 

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, launching the consultation on Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

The plan will focus on prevention and early detection, treatment and care, survivorship and quality of life, and research and innovation.

It has invited contributions to the consultation via an online questionnaire.

Europa Uomo Chairman André Deschamps is urging Europa Uomo member organisations to give their views. 

“The opportunity to contribute to a European cancer action plan does not happen every day or even every decade,” he said. “The last European action plan against cancer dates back 30 years. If we want the European Commission’s leadership to support robust early detection plans for prostate cancer and to stop the unnecessary suffering and death caused by late detection, we must act collectively now.”

He said that member organisations should not feel obliged to complete the full survey, but questions three and six, on early detection and screening were key.

You can read more about the consultation at

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