Quality of life study to headline at major meeting

Europa Uomo’s prostate cancer quality of life study has caused excitement in the medical community, following the announcement of early findings at the European Association of Urology’s oncology meeting in Dublin.

At the meeting, Europa Uomo Chair André Deschamps told delegates that this is the first time that the authentic patient voice had been heard in such detail and volume, and using accredited quality of life questionnaires. The survey of nearly 3,000 men with prostate cancer found that higher than expected numbers are struggling with mental health, sexual and tiredness problems after treatment.

You can download André Deschamps’ presentation of early results here. The study has been named EUPROMS (Europa Uomo Patient Reported Outcomes Study).

“There is much anticipation of the main report which we plan to have ready by the time of the EAU Congress in late March in Amsterdam,” says Europa Uomo Vice Chairman John Dowling.

Now, in recognition of the importance of this study, the EAU has offered Europa Uomo one of the headline slots at the congress, on the morning of 23rd March.

Before that date, renowned epidemiologist Professor Monique Roobol will be undertaking a scientific analysis of the data. “She says that EUPROMS is very rich in data,” says John Dowling. “The Europa Uomo Board believes that this project will be but the start of a major new development in prostate patient involvement at a high level in assessing the impacts of their disease.”

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