Important findings expected on impact of prostate cancer

Europa Uomo’s ground-breaking quality of life survey has gained significant interest from clinicians, patient groups, organisations and companies. In a series of meetings at the ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) Congress – one of the biggest events in the cancer calendar – a Europa Uomo delegation spread the word about the survey and its importance.

Europa Uomo Board members pictured at the ESMO Congress (left to right): André Deschamps, John Dowling and Ioannis Vanezos

“We made pitch after pitch, and the response was very good,” says John Dowling, who attended with fellow Europa Uomo Board members André Deschamps and Ioannis Vanezos.

“We’ve had a fantastic response to our survey – and have already exceeded the minimum threshold of responses required. We’re expecting the results will have something very important to say about the quality of life of men with prostate cancer – something meaningfully different than previous clinician-led surveys.”

“What makes this survey special is that it is patient-mediated. People are very interested in that.”

The latest figures show that 1,861 men have so far responded, providing anonymous insights into the impact of prostate cancer and its treatments on daily life. The survey is due to continue into November, when the results will be compiled and prepared for publication. Preliminary findings are expected to be ready later this year, with full results announced at a meeting next year.

There’s still plenty of time to complete and further publicise the survey: the more respondents, the more authoritative the findings will be. Find out more information about the survey, or go direct to the survey.

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