Annual report of the board for 2016/17

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the second Annual Report for Europa Uomo which sets out,
for our members, supporters, interested parties and the health authorities, what we have done,
what we have achieved over the past twelve months and to give some indication of our future
plans, subject to the General Assembly’s direction.

The year under review represented significant progress building on previous work and I thank all
those who contributed. Europa Uomo continues to develop its role as the voice of prostate cancer
patients at a European level.

During the year we developed our website with the assistance of our webmaster Nancy
Verbrugghe who has also been instrumental in developing our Facebook page and in launching our
Twitter account. During the past year the Board conducted a survey of member organisations
about our communications. In line with the views expressed by members in the survey we have
consolidated our messaging and newsletter functions into the weekly Update which commenced
publication in February. We will monitor members in the coming year as to how effectively their
needs are being met and what additional steps may be required.

Once again, my thanks go to all our sponsors for their contributions to our funds – details are
including in the report and on our website.

Thanks go to Anja Vancauwenbergh and Brigitte Dourcy-Belle-Rose for their support to the board
together with Louis Denis and Luc Dewilde of OCA.

Working in partnership with all stakeholders is the way forward for Europa Uomo and this in mind
thanks go to the EAU and ESO represented by Hein Van Poppel and Alberto Costa.

There are challenges for us in the years ahead in the areas of funding and in dealing with the
changing political relationships within our European family.

We have to tackle the inequality of access to treatment and drugs in Europe.

New treatments and drugs come at a cost to the health sectors and this will be an issue to future
prostate cancer patients.

Finally, my thanks go to the officers, Board, Tackle UK, and our membership who do the work on a
voluntary basis in fighting for men and families who are suffering from this silent disease.

Ken Mastris

===>> Download the full Annual Report PDF


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