Annual Report of the board 2018/2019

Andre Deschamps
André Deschamps

The last year has passed incredibly quickly. It is already a year since I was elected as chairman of Europa Uomo during the General Assembly in Dublin.

Together with the Board and our members, we have worked hard to grow further the organisation and fulfil our mission of being the voice of men with prostate cancer in Europe.

We have increased our communication efforts through our newsletter and our website. It is possible to read our website in many languages and our newsletter attracts more and more readers. But there is still a lot of work to do.

Annual Report of the board 2017/2018

Chairman’s Note

The adoption of this third Annual Report for Europa Uomo at the 2018 General Assembly near Dublin, will mark the conclusion of my two three-year terms on the Board.  The past six years serving the membership in various offices of Europa Uomo have been both an honour and privilege.  My thanks go to all of you, and your colleagues at home for their support.

When I came onto the Board in 2012, my basic objectives were the same as with my work for Tackle in the UK, viz., to improve the way we work as an organisation and to continue to work so that men get the right treatment at the right time.  As I review these past six years I recall how we struggled, through much debate and confusion, to get our statutes into sufficient order to finally get ourselves legally registered as a Belgian not-for-profit.  I was Treasurer for a time and being then responsible for our funding arrangements, I was concerned at how the lack of a business plan might hamper us, financially and organisationally, in the future.  There were also issues associated with our handling of the transition from the founders who built the organisation since 2003.

General Assembly 2018, Dublin

Photo: Secretary John Dowling stands by an inflatable prostate, which was a feature viewed at the conference venue. The inflatable prostate was kindly loaned by Janssen.

Delegates to this year’s General Assembly gathered in Malahide, a seaside town just north of Dublin in Ireland. This year’s GA featured a vigorous debate on a Board proposal to promote a study of Quality of Life in prostate cancer care. The GA was also unusual in the number of Board vacancies to be filled. The outcome was that the two outgoing members were re-elected and two new members were elected.

The meeting also heard a very interesting presentation about the Irish Prostate Cancer Outcomes Study (IPCOR) from Mr. David Galvin, the lead on the study and an eminent urologist in Dublin.

About half the time of the GA was devoted to a series of pilot training sessions. Feedback on the sessions is being evaluated and will be considered by the new Board at its first meeting in July.

Delegates had an opportunity to sample some Irish music and dance at the Abbey Tavern in Howth on the Friday evening and the out-going Chairman, Ken Mastris, tried his best at an Irish jig, whereas Roger Wotton preferred the more sedate tempo of a waltz with the female vocalist. A rousing evening it appears.

New Board of Europa Uomo

The annual General Assembly of Europa Uomo was held in Malahide, Ireland on June 8th and 9th 2018. The outgoing Chairman, Ken Mastris, had completed his maximum two terms and Christian Arnold had resigned.  Treasurer André Deschamps and Secretary John Dowling were each standing for second 3-year terms.  This meant that there were four Board positions to be filled.  A total of 5 candidates were duly nominated.  The election procedure was supervised by Hannu Tavio (Finland).

The four successful candidates, elected by secret ballot, were Günter Carl, André Deschamps, John Dowling and Ioannis Vanezos.  The Board then met and elected the officers (see below).  Good luck to all the Board members for the coming year.

The Board of Europa Uomo for 2018-2019 consists of:

André Deschamps (Belgium)                  Chairman

Will Jansen (Netherlands)                     Vice-Chairman

Stig Lindahl (Sweden)                           Vice-Chairman

John Dowling (Ireland)                          Secretary

Ioannis (John) Vanezos (Cyprus)             Treasurer

Ernst-Günther Carl (Germany)

Pentti Tuohimaa (Finland)



Annual report of the board for 2016/17

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the second Annual Report for Europa Uomo which sets out,
for our members, supporters, interested parties and the health authorities, what we have done,
what we have achieved over the past twelve months and to give some indication of our future
plans, subject to the General Assembly’s direction.

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